MAPFRE Dynamic Investment

MAPFRE Dynamic Investment is a product that is adapted to any client from 18 to 80 years old, with a savings goal and that aims to have an attractive profitability.

Choose one of the 3 options according to your profile:


Decide when you want to receive a part or the entirety of your money. You can, at any time, change to another fund without costs (up to 10 times per year).


Every quarter your will receive a statement with the movements and the evolution of your investment. You can also check, at any moment, the state of your fund at


A team of professionals that, through active management, seek to achieve the best profitability within the risk profile of each fund.

Risk is not synonym of loss but of an opportunity to achieve higher profitability.

MAPFRE Dynamic Investment is an Unit Linked (an insurance contract that is linked to an Investment Fund), in which the client bears the risk of investment.

The Unit Linked is considered to be the best syntheses between an investment fund and a life insurance, because it is the ideal solution in the medium / long term.